Thread-View® System: Specifications

System ID
Name:Thread-View® System
Model:Thread-View® II
Thread form Type
Units:UNC, UNF, UNEF, UNJ, UNS - English or Metric equivalent
Size:0.0600 inches through 4 inches dia. or metric equivalent
Type:External product or gage (Go/NoGo work plugs and set plugs)
Repeatability:± 15.2 micro inches (99%)
Average Single Cycle:2 minutes
Light:Collimated light
Type:Telecentric lens assembly
Drive:Linear motor
Bearings:Crossed rollers with patented anti-creep technology
Travel:Plus and Minus 3 inches in both X and Y axis
Max Load:9 lbs (4.08 Kg)
Measurement Table 
Material:Granite Surface Plate
Surfaces:Grade AA