Measure threads with speed, simplicity and repeatable reliability

Whether destined for space or the family car, experienced metrologists know non-compliant threaded parts, and inspection of parts by non-compliant gages not only affect assembly fit but compromise integrity of critical shear and torque strength.

Complex in geometry, threads are equally difficult to measure.

Quest Metrology’s fully automated non-contact measurement systems continue to revolutionize thread measurement practices. With stationary and hand-held options available to you, our product line-up now includes full-form external thread measurement for product and gage calibration, with new additions on the horizon for profiling of API threads - done in just seconds.

Unmatched measurement performance
  • Growing product line-up
  • Measurement speed that supports individual parts inspection
  • Full-form measurement of threads; inch and metric, goverment and society standards
  • Non-contact solutions protect against handling damage
  • Automation removes human error from measurement process 
  • Self-contained solutions; no external dependencies
  • Ease of use design permits operation anywhere along the supply chain and requires no special operators
  • NIST certified to third party calibration produces permanent record of compliant measurement with details of measured geometries
  • Printed form and data export options
Quest Metrology systems are built on order so they can be configured to meet each customer’s specific use environment.