Our purpose: Deliver superior thread form quality control

The methodology of thread measurement has improved little in 30 years. Our founders thought it was time this changed.

Our purpose and mission is to deliver to customers the ability to improve speed and the efficacy of new and used thread article and thread gage measurement and inspection. Our approach: Develop and deliver fully-automated high repeatability and reproducible full thread form non-contact measurement systems and solutions applying true state-of-the-art technologies.

Quest Metrology is built upon the expertise, intellectual property and experience in laser profilometry, machine vision, robotics, microelectronics and computational measurement of complex geometries coalesced in Qi2, a recognized leader in the development of advanced non-contact measurement and sensor solutions for government and industry. Our brand promise is an extension of Qi2’s 40-year legacy of this innovation, which includes bringing to market ground-breaking industrial tools and systems through execution of Quality in Engineering, Science and TechnologyLearn more >

  • Privately held
  • Headquartered in Seattle (Kent), Washington USA
  • Actively serving industry and government worldwide